On Sunday, June 8, 2014 Jack Williams hosted a large event at the Myrick Center the purpose of which was to celebrate the life of his late wife, Flo, who died on May 7, 2014 at the age of 73. Jack has played trombone with the Lukens Band for nearly 50 years, and he played in the concert that the band performed in the memory of his wife.

Mick Givler

Mick Givler, the Lukens Band manager

Dale Smith

Dale Smith (reed instruments)

Ethel, Bob and Dale

Ethel Smith, Bob Morris (trumpet) and Dale Smith (reed instruments)

picnic table

George Haughton (band director), Mick Givler (band manager and principal trumpet), Chuck Shaner (percussion), Lou Rotunno (trombone) and Anita Kranz (baritone Horn)

Charlie and Bill

Tuba players, Charlie Booraem and Bill Handy

Derq Howlett

Derq Howlett (trombone) who remembered to bring a clothespin to hold his music

Terzah, Tara and Alexandra

Tirzah Howlett, Tara Howlett Perrien and Alexandra Spies

Myrick Concert

Lukens Band

Old Guard trombones

Old Guard trombones - Lou Rotunno, Jack Williams and Derq Howlett

Marg Kwak is in the foreground playing saxophone.