June 23, 2014 E-mail from Mike Givler, the band manager and treasurer


As you are well aware the band has grown over the past two years.  We are now at 45 active members.

After the concert on Saturday at Tel Hai the Board of Directors held a brief meeting.  Part of the discussion centered around the growth of the band.  A couple of decisions were made that will have an effect on all members.

A primary concern of the Board over the past several years has been bringing additional members into the band.  The Lukens Band ceases to exist if we do not have the musicians who are members and more importantly are play in a majority of our concerts and parades.  We have been able to achieve our goal of bringing in new members.  A great deal of the new members are due to the contacts that have been made by Dick Miller.  The Board thanked Dick for his effort on behalf of the band.

We have also picked up some members because you, the members of the band, have invited them to join us.  We have picked up a few just because they are aware we exist (word-of-mouth and website).  All of this is a good thing.

I asked the Board to give me direction on how many to hire for each job.  The Board decided we would hire anyone that was available for concerts unless there is some limiting condition such as the space where we are playing.  Therefore if you are a member of the band you should consider yourself hired for every concert unless I announce we need to limit the participants.
It is your responsibility to tell me if you cannot play a particular concert.  I prefer that you do this at rehearsal but in a pinch an email will do.  It is important for our directors, librarian, and business manager know who will be at each job.

The part that every one plays is as new members join the band that they are made to feel welcome.  The directors will determine which part they play and we all have to be flexible and accommodating.  Everyone within each section of the band needs to consider what is best for the band as a whole.

Finally, while the number of members has grown the funds have remained relatively level.  We are fortunate to be funded through the Huston Foundation and their funding has remained level for the past several years.  We are letting them know about the growth but there is no guarantee that their financial commitment to increase their funding.  The same goes for those who hire the band.

As our reimbursement to members is based on point and each point has a dollar value based on the available funding at the end of the year.  The more members the less the value of each point at the end of the year.  The bottom line is unless our funding increases your reimbursement will most likely be less, particularly for those who have lived under this system for many years.
The Board want to let everyone know this is the situation.  My personal belief is no one in this band for the money and there are many who play in other musical organizations where no or little payment is made to musicians.  We are fortunate to have the private funding we receive.

It has been a delight this year to play with a group of fine musicians.  Let's continue to make The Lukens Band one of Pennsylvania's finest community bands.


Michael Givler
Business Manager & Treasurer
The Lukens Band